"Ice Lemonade for Hong Li"
a film by Dietmar Ratsch and Arek Gielnik

A documentary film as degree project for the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and the University for Print and Media Stutgart

What is it all about ?

An ex-war photographer Thomas Billhardt reveals North Vietnam 25 years after the Vietnam War.

The film's main theme is Thomas Billhardt`s search for witnesses of the brutal war, whom he portrayed 25 years ago.

Thomas Billhardt:
"I want to organise a photo exhibition in the heart of Hanoi to be able to observe, remember and try to find people again."

"I would like to see Hong Li again, a sole I have stolen... "

"In 1967 I met a young soldier wheeling a bicycle on the street. She looked at me so sweetly.....
I publicised her picture in a newspaper in the hope of finding her again. I wasn't sure if someone would recognise themselves after 30 years. But she did. "

"It was 1972. I shed tears while taking this photo. But I said: "Grandmother, this child has not died in vain. I will publicise this world wide!"